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Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa



A thoughtful present, a brighter future!





The administration team and owners of Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa share the commitment to achieve optimal environmental management in its daily operations. 

Recognizing the impact that tourism places on natural resource availability and climate change, we will work to ensure our hotel responsibly managing waste, avoiding pollution, incorporating energy efficient equipment wherever possible, and encouraging our customers to respect and participate in efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of our business. 

The primary goals related to environmental management are as follows: 

Environmental and Energy saving initiatives 

Finalize the implementation of energy monitoring systems to capture, evaluate and analyze significant energy uses of the hotel 

  • Ensure all staff are trained as appropriate in energy conservation 

  • Monitor and minimize electric energy consumption 

  • Ensure all heavy and light equipment purchased in the future is rated as energy-efficient (grade A) 

  • All new equipment and projects will be evaluated partially on the basis of life cycle energy cost 

  • Comply with related legal requirements and exemplary operate towards future legal and other requirements related to energy management 

Water management 

Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa recognizes the scarcity of the source, the effect of climate change and the increased demand for water. Therefore, without compromising guest comfort or health and safety policies, further incorporate water saving devices and procedures to minimize overall water consumption. 


Our recycling program includes a range of materials and amenities that we recycle and we make sure that all waste is correctly disposed of. In collaboration with the local authorities we recycle all bottles, cans and paper we use. We will continue to adapt and take the extra steps to recycle and inspire others to do the same. Moreover, we have partnered with the CleanTheWorld Europe and we donate our discarded soap and bottled amenities so those less fortunate can benefit from the good personal hygiene.


Plastic Free

We aim to be plastic free in all of our properties. The elimination of single-use plastic (plastic straws and bottles) reduced a significant amount of plastic waste. We have removed all single use plastic items from our kitchens and instead of plastic straws and are using either biodegradable or wheat or bamboo or paper straws. In all our suites, we use biodegradable bags for waste and  in all back of house facilities when possible. 


Eco – friendly Housekeeping

For our housekeeping services we use certified and eco-friendly products from EcoLab that are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment or our health. Moreover, the extensive use of water on the island already results in suffering from it and our actions should be focused on this issue. For that reason our housekeeping staff places environment-friendly cards on top of guest bed sheets and toilets to encourage customers to use the hotel’s products and services in an environmentally friendly way.


Power Saving Buildings

We always look into power saving and eco-friendly buildings. We have already transitioned to LED lighting in all property areas and back-of-house spaces. The reduction of utility cost and carbon footprint is already significant. 


Waste management 

On average, each guest produces over 1 kilo of waste each night, mostly composed of beverage and paper products, accounting for 65% of all hotel waste. The hotel minimizes its solid waste production in all areas of the hotel, and encourages guests to join the recycling program. 

Chemical use 

The hotel will avoid the use of chemicals known on the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization’s Prior informed consent list. It also ensures safe disposal of all chemicals that are in use. 


In order to satisfy broader sustainability criteria including the socio- economic impacts and staff welfare, we will achieve certification in recognized sustainability protocols such as Travelife


This policy statement will be reviewed annually to ensure that it remains applicable to the activities of the Hotel and any agreements made between the Hotel and their stakeholders. 



The managers and owners of Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa share the commitment to ensure positive relationships between the hotel and the local community and businesses. They have positive social and economic impacts wherever possible, while minimizing or eliminating instances of negative impacts. Our Community Policy and primary goals are as follows: 


In order to satisfy broader sustainability criteria including the socio-economic impacts and staff welfare, recognized sustainability awards will be achieved. The Hotel also works with local schools and colleges upon request to provide accommodation and where possible, work experience opportunities. 


We purchase and promote produce from the local area, whilst ensuring that quality of food does not compromise the comfort of our guests. This will help reduce CO2 emissions from transportation of products from international destinations. Wherever possible, we pay our suppliers within the credit terms they request. Additionally, local service providers are used in preference to multinational companies wherever practicable. 



We recognize the importance of recruiting local people as preferred employees. This increases the likelihood of monies being spent in the local community. Additionally, it encourages local residents to stay within the community, rather than seeking employment outside of the community. The policy preserves our destination which is the bases for prospective and repeat guests. 

Donations and Charity 

We regularly donate items such as furniture or linen that are no longer suitable for use within the hotels, to local organisations that may benefit from them (e.g. schools, local hospitals, community groups, etc). The hotel also carefully considers how it may help the local community by the provision of in-kind support, meal donations for local events, etc. 



Human Rights 

  • We respect fundamental human rights. We do not tolerate any violation of human rights. 

  • We take steps to prevent and eliminate any harassment such as sexual harassment, abuse of power in the workplace. 

  • We respect individual privacy. 



  • We are committed to prevent and eliminate any discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, sex, gender, age, religion, disability and any other basis protected by the applicable law. 

  • In respect of employment and occupation, we will not damage the equality of opportunity on the basis of any irrational reason that is not directly linked to legitimate business needs. 


Employment, Labor Condition and Child Protection 

  • We will not engage in child labor or forced labor. We will never take a child as a laborer who is under the legal employment age as defined in Greek law. 

  • We will not dismiss employees based on irrational reasons without a direct relationship to legitimate business needs. 

  • We respect children’s rights and we are committed to protect children both from general and sexual exploitation according to Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse CETS No.: 201. 

  • Every suspicious behavior regarding exploitation or violation of child protection guidelines and policies will be reported to management and to relevant stakeholders ( tour operators, child protection organizations, law enforcement agencies etc. ) 



We pay wages that meet or exceed the legally required wages. 



The management and the owners of Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa consider quality as the most important competence of our business because only by exceeding customer expectations we can maintain our main competitive advantage of increased value to our customers. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System, which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance. We have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business: 

  • -  Customer feedback: Gathering and monitoring 

  • -  Feedback and complaints procedure 

  • -  Training, development and evaluation of our employees 

  • -  Quantitative quality objectives to achieve business aims 


In Caesars Gardens Hotel & Spa we strive to understand our clients, to address every need he might have and eventually to exceed their expectations. In order to achieve this goal, we offer high quality services, in a way that every guest can feel welcome and relaxed through dedicated, unintrusive, customer oriented service in all parts of their stay with us. 


Health and Safety procedures are the most important part regarding our business aims and practices; therefore, we are committed to a strong health & safety program that protects our staff, theproperty and the customers from accidents or any other form of preventable unpleasant situations. In this context, these are some of the most important actions we undertake to ensure Health and Safety for our customers: 

  • -  Cooperate with licensed external Partner to perform regular Health & Safety audits 

  • -  Regular chemical analyses of food, water and ice in cooperation with licensed laboratories. Samples are collected from all departments of the hotel 

  • -  Security checks throughout the night  

Except from the above mentioned general actions we implement all the best practices regarding Health and Safety procedures for hotels with the relevant adaptation required for the specifics of our property. 




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